Pseudo Random News and Comment

Diamond House / Masao Yahagi Architects  Another way to balance privacy with light and ventilation.

A Creative Buzz  The benefit of a little noise in sharpening focus. I always liked to study in the cafeteria and now am completely unable to focus without music playing. I always attributed it to the interfering parts of my brain being kept occupied by the external stimuli so they wouldn’t bother me.

Waist-to-height ratio is the best indicator for undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. So what does this say about that new confabulation called metabolic syndrome?

Handling Ibuprofen Increases Pain Tolerance and Decreases Perceived Pain Intensity in a Cold Pressor Test So powerful just touching it makes you feel better. A marketer’s dream.

Housing: The Two Bottoms Looking at prior lows I really have to wonder what will happen to housing when interest rates go up significantly.

Predictive Value of a Profile of Routine Blood Measurements on Mortality in Older Persons in the General Population: The Leiden 85-Plus Study I’m almost in the clear.

Modern Portfolio Theory Implodes: Mean Variance Optimization Bites the Dust An older post well worth a read, especially when tempted to add another layer of complexity to your method. You know you want to.

Interbreeding With Neanderthals Humanoids are a horny bunch.

Late sleepers may have more than 24 hours in a day  Something I’d wondered about.

Will Neuroscience Have A “Manhattan Project”? I hope not. It’s the death of progress in the furtherance of political goals. Manhattan created a bomb despite the secrecy and nationalization, not because of it. The success was in the furtherance of nationalist political goals, not science.

Do All Cults, Like All Psychotherapies, Exploit the Placebo Effect? It certainly doesn’t hurt. Making people sacrifice something (like huge amounts of film career income) helps too.

Economic Fascism and the Power Elite The biggest parasites aren’t welfare recipients.


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