Pseudo Random News and Comment

Unintended Consequences Of Google Reader Shutdown: Losing Key Tool To Get Around Censored Internet In Iran & China But it’s only unintended evil.

Can’t say the same for JPM and other banksters. JPMorgan’s Internal Control Problems, or HSBC’s Got Nothing On Us!

I Need Your Help Replacing Google Reader Me too. Maybe it’s easier to go on an information fast.

Should Attractive Males Sneak: The Trade-Off between Current and Future Offspring Results pretty much as expected. If you can get away with it, go for it.

Men Who Idealize Large Breasts Are More Likely Hostile Toward Women Also not much surprise.

Spy Agencies to Get Access to U.S. Bank Transactions Database I think “officially” get access is a better way to put it. Sniffing every packet on the internet, phone lines and satellites pretty much covers it all and they’ve had that for years. The only thing missing is the ability to use all the data.

“Good patients” cover their emotional cracks More on doctors’ discomfort with emotional situations.

Lifelong exercise holds key to cognitive well-being The weekly reminder. Use it or lose it, including your mind.

The Truth About Market Timing I think in specific sets of circumstances bottoms, and to a much lesser degree tops, can be predicted with profitable accuracy. BUT you still need some way to make money the rest of the time, which is in fact the majority of the time.

Chart of the Day: Post-Massive Bear Market Rallies Some interesting tea leaves.

Study reveals 10 factors in wrongful conviction cases Not what I expected, though some could be surrogates for more intuitively appealing factors.

Definitely, maybe: Evidence grows for positive ID of Higgs boson Look for waves, you find waves. Look for particles, you find particles. Look for Higgs bosons, you find Higgs bosons. Too much of physics seems to be viewing reality through different filters and confusing that output with reality.


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