Pseudo Random News and Comment

US organ transplant patient dies of rabies With enough donors it’s bound to happen at some point, but certainly not a risk I ever considered.

Rabies: hundreds checked after transplant death

What should the next RSS reader look like? A good list for aspiring developers. Look, here’s one now: Digg to build a Google Reader replacement with same API, new features

House in Sayo / Fujiwarramuro Architects Another parking lot house in Japan. Very cool.

Shocker: Court Says National Security Letters Are Unconstitutional, Bans Them …and is likely to be the subject of dozens of them as a result.

Mila Kunis Likes Stocks Potential followup to the Giselle’s curse of the Euro.

CPI Increases 0.7% In February Beginning of the end for BB brain and company? Who knows, but I’m not running out to buy bedpans yet.

Viruses Might Be Actual Living Creatures, Capable of Stealing Still not quite enough to get that promotion.

How WordPress Thrives with a 100% Remote Workforce 30 years later the wave of the future has finally arrived (but not at Yahoo). Is the fully paperless office soon to be a widespread reality too? Nah.

Stem cells transplantation technique has high potential as a novel therapeutic strategy for ED Hey doc, while you’re at it with this stem cell thing can you make it prehensile too?

Soldiers more likely to be convicted of violent offences, report reveals No way! Trained, desensitized, killers are more violent?

The Market Is Very Dangerous Here And You Should Feel Uncomfortable If you don’t feel uneasy, try reading this: JPMorgan: MF Global-like Segregation of Client Funds

Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island by Field Museum expedition Shove your decoupling where the sun don’t shine. The world was pretty well coupled 600 years ago and I think Al Gore hadn’t even invented the internet then.

Trade Like A Pawn Shop A good way of bringing some objectivity to the process of trading. It’s all just buying and selling.


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