Pseudo Random News and Comment

100K Year Old Human Skull Fossil Reveals Signs of Inbreeding Not much to choose from so you have to make do.

Adults who experience stroke before age 50 have higher risk of death over long-term  Though I didn’t make it to 50, I did pick the right type of stroke: “In patients who survived the first 30 days after an ICH, mortality gradually coincided with that expected.”

Fat and Bone Mass are Genetically Linked, Scientists Say Not sure they’ve proven what this claims since bone density and weight aren’t independent variables.

FinSpy You can tell a lot about a country by the company it keeps.

Supreme Court Gets It Right In Kirtsaeng: You Can Resell Things You Bought Abroad Without Infringing I’m surprised any time they get one right. One victory for the idea of owning what you buy.

Deus ex Cicada: Are Predatory Bird Populations Influenced by Cicadas Odd Life Cycles?  They seem to be over-thinking the casual links. Boom and bust cycles don’t just flip from one state to the next. Lifespans also make a difference, like with pandas and bamboo.

House in Nada / Fujiwarramuro Architects The slats to allow light between floors are a nice idea but what happens when you drop something?

Wolf Richter: Housing Bubble II – But This Time It’s Different Interesting numbers on rents, and the perils of being an early vulture.

Is This Bull Market Fundamentally Driven? A Look at PE Expansion PE expansion works wonders.

How Your Language Affects Your Wealth and Health Make your decisions about saving in Mandarin.

When your actions contradict your beliefs Dissonance theory (and long books).

Vitamin D linked to mitochondrial oxidative function Another reason sunshine makes you feel fine.

‘Brazilians’ and other types of pubic hair removal may boost viral infection risk Bad news and some hilarious speculations by the researchers about the reasons for the popularity. I think most people just don’t like hair in their food.

Lies, damned lies, and Apple’s new marketing strategy You know the cult is cracking when people start pointing this stuff out.

Researchers restore light sensitivity to retina using polymer-based optoelectronic interface A long way from practical application since it’s just a retina in a dish but it still worked.


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