Pseudo Random News and Comment

Chinese Web Users Marvel at Detroit, Where a Home Is ‘as Cheap as a Pair of Shoes’ The thing they’re forgetting is it’s easy to buy stuff cheap. The hard part is buying cheap stuff that can be sold at a profit. The real estate agent in this piece is a prime candidate for bankruptcy. Other than being cheap I can’t come up with a single reason to buy in Detroit until it gets so cheap it can be farmed profitably (with legal crops).

Even a little pot use ups college dropout risk  But it obviously can’t raise it much or nobody would graduate.

Construction of China’s Tallest Building On Hold Due to Concrete Scandal THE  Woman was making fun of me for being nervous in some buildings in Beijing. Hah!

Acting out dreams linked to development of dementia, study finds  Does this apply to entrepreneurs too?

In Spain, The Bitcoin Run Has Started  Bitcoin is again looking very bubblicious. Last time there was a sudden surge in bitcoin fraud and theft and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone again tried to sabotage the competition.

What Happens when Risk Parity Divorces the Long Bond?  Hint: It’s not pretty. I think there are other responses besides equal weighting, but it really is a  high hurdle to overcome. Imagine being thrown 500 years into the future, with no knowledge of culture or current affairs. What investing method would you choose? Though nobody likes to admit it, that’s exactly the situation you’re in trying to predict what will be working well in 5 or 10 years. Moving averages are a very robust tool in that context, though far from optimal and singularly unimpressive to a grail-seeker. But I think most often the biggest edge you can have is doing what you set out to do rather than using any particular method.

Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These 10 Things Right Now  When I get very tired and worn down, like I am now, this almost looks like my to do list.

How to Change Your Life: A User’s Guide  Bite-sized chunks work best.

Identify Market Tops and Bottoms by Doing this, Guaranteed!  Almost. Good overview of the art.

Saxo Bank Explains How Massive Stock Market Rallies End  A bit of a tortured comparison since I’m hard pressed to come up with a major top that didn’t also have badly lagging breadth. That’s the element that’s missing at the moment. Nasdaq breadth has been lagging for a while but even that has reversed a bit of late.

Where the Nation’s Highest Earners Live  A disturbing clustering around Washington DC.

IsoHunt Still Guilty Of Contributory Infringement  Fabulously tortured reasoning.

I See Red  More science of online dating.

Increasing Maternal Age Is Associated with Taller Stature and Reduced Abdominal Fat in Their Children.  I guess that explains the attraction to cougars, though reduced abdominal fat was probably a negative in the good old days of subsistence and famine.

Bernanke Fails to Answer Concerns about a Cyprus-Style Seizure of American Bank Deposits. It can be taxed at any rate, at any time, for any purpose, and they also control what you can do with what they let you keep. If someone else controls every aspect of the disposition of an asset, it’s theirs, not yours, so why be shocked that they decide to take it back?


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