Pseudo Random News and Comment

Gene controls three different diseases  Just the sort of pathological cheapness on the part of nature that will make genetic cures for disease difficult. Multiple uses needn’t be all good or all bad. Fixing one thing may often break something else.

Build Your Own Neutra Home!  They still look modern a generation later.

What Martial Arts Have to Do With Atheism  Interesting interview with Sam Harris.

Sexually explicit material affects behavior in young people less than thought I always wonder how you find a control group of males who haven’t watched porn. In this study 88% said they had. 88% of the other 12% were lying. So the lack of statistical difference isn’t surprising.

Autism risk spotted at birth in abnormal placentas  This raises an interesting question of who is doing what to whom.

Pleasure and pain: the effect of (almost) having an orgasm on genital and nongenital sensitivity. I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that subjects who perform in these conditions may not quite represent the norm, thought the results seem reasonable.

Thought Prenda Was Dead? No, It’s Up To Its Old Tricks… And More  Amazingly limitless depravity.

The Gold Medal Gold Model, Tarnished?  A fundamental model for gold. For the patient it seems to be holding up quite well.

Why Sleep Deprivation Eases Depression  Glial cells strike again.

Judge says giving up your password may be a violation of 5th Amendment. Forcing you to divulge evidence against yourself “may” be a violation of the 5th Amendment. Ya think? Totally gutless.

Calm Down … You Are Much More Likely to Be Killed By Boring, Mundane Things than Terrorism  I love numbers about relative risks. “You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.”


Pseudo Random News and Comment

Consciousness After Death: Strange Tales From the Frontiers of Resuscitation Medicine  I think he’s let a desire to believe something outrun the science to support it. He also seems to assume consciousness resides only in the brain rather than being an emergent property of a complex system involving the entire body as well as the brain.

The Most Stressful Places to Live  The least stressful state is, of course, Hawaii.

I’m on the drug that killed Paul Erdős  Smart drugs are coming to a workplace near you, and some day they may even do what is hoped. Keep in mind you can’t turn a donkey into a racehorse, and more isn’t always better.

Two days of staging as effective as four for high-altitude climbs  The short-term adaptations are quite rapid so there’s no point in diddling around any longer.

After Boston: Don’t Get Fooled Again by the ‘War on Terror’ Hawks  Nice dissection and prophylaxis.

Low-dose aspirin stymies proliferation of two breast cancer lines, study finds  More benefits from lowly, old aspirin.

Flu shots boosted by exercise  In moderation – prolonged intensive exercise is an immunosuppressant.

IRS Says It Will Change Its Policy On Looking At Emails Without A Warrant… At Some Point  Never assume you have any privacy. Perhaps at the end of a long trail, under a waterfall, whispering into the ear of someone is safe, but only perhaps, only if you’re not already under surveillance, and only for a very limited period of time.

My answer to John Hussman  Good example of the importance of knowing your time frame and goals. In 1995 when I first had the epiphany that we would be repeating the market action of the 1970’s on a grander scale I had intended to trade the swings like a madman. Instead, my time frame changed and I’ve mostly done nothing. Either way can be right (and it’s possible to do both at the same time).

An example:  Broadening the Window – Aligning Indicators with Correct Holding Periods

Virus kills melanoma in animal model, spares normal cells  Edging just a little closer to the immortality virus.

Decision making in scientific peer review unravelled with mathematical modelling  With all the fraud going on, is there any doubt this bit of reverse engineering will be abused?

Random Thoughts on Apple  Nice summary. The biggest risk to me is a very large percent of revenue is from the latest products so it wouldn’t take more than a couple bad quarters for Apple to lose a significant chunk of their revenue….and Samsung Galaxy is doing quite well in China.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

What will the neighbors think? Tinshed / Raffaello Rosselli

Kidneys grown in lab become functional in rats Still a long way to go but it’s progress.

Dr Michele Ferrari is using his free time to take on Osymetric Chainrings. If you ask me the trials have suspiciously low variability. However, the results do match my experience, and not allowing for muscular adaptation should give the most favorable results.

Circumcision alters penis bacteria  Refining the improved hygiene theory for reduced risk of HIV

FDA Lets Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market  Money talks everywhere in the halls of power.

New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage  Continuing to make their bid for most civilized English-speaking country. Probably because they’re small enough everyone still knows where the politicians live.

“Markets Are Debates Between People Who Are Speaking With Money”  Great way of looking at it. These days I just don’t care to get involved in very many debates.

Tacrolimus Inhibits the Revascularization of Isolated Pancreatic Islets  Another reason to pat myself on the back.

The ‘learning curve’ of living with Asperger’s  The difficulties of learning to fake it through every social interaction.

Does Brain Training Work?  A resounding kinda, sorta, maybe. Plasticity certainly argues that benefits should be possible but, like every other form of physical training, specificity trumps all, and what brain training exercise can truly be specific to broad, general intelligence?

Super-volcanoes in the Ancient World  If you are running short of disasters to worry about, this is a great one.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

This naturally has to be the lead off today: Penis size does matter to women, researchers say in PNAS study   This doesn’t necessarily mean women are lying when they say it doesn’t matter. All that’s required is an unconscious preference driven by increased reproductive success of the resulting horse-dicked sons, not [necessarily] anything to do with conscious preferences or pleasure derived – especially since they found no upper size bound in the study. A physical indicator of ejaculate volume would work the same way, with perhaps even stronger selection pressures, but I can’t think of an obvious physical attribute for that.

Bigger Not Always Better for Penis Size A more measured view of the study, though the headline is misleading since bigger was always better, but with rapidly diminishing returns The additional metabolic cost has to become a factor at some point too.

The art of recruiting a software developer A lot of companies need to pay attention to the “micro-positions” disease, which is the reason I never got into the field.

Your Least Engaged Employees Might Be Your Top Performers  The less talented make a lot of commotion about everything they do because they’re always at the point of drowning.

Document Accidentally Filed Publicly Reveals Google Fighting Back Against Government  Maybe the no evil slogan isn’t just BS.

Why is Eric Sprott Selling PSLV Shares Fast and Furiously?  Good question.

Dead animals keep turning up in China under mysterious circumstances  Disease and pollution are obvious causes of death, but the best guess about the choice of disposal method would be it’s cheaper to dump them in a river than dispose of them properly, if it’s even possible to do it properly in some areas. I’m a bit surprised they wasted the plastic bags in the one case.

Should the Modern Man Be Taking Testosterone?  If you make the drugs it’s a resounding yes, but there’s not yet much science to go by.

Blood Cells Are Attracted to Good Food Smells  I thought a brain was needed for that sort of smarts.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Top story: The cure for obesity is at hand!  Study proves masturbation leads to weight loss.

So what does make humans unique?  Sharing changed the world, not Steve Jobs.

How Do Childhood Diagnoses of Type 1 Diabetes Cluster in Time?  More support for infectious agents as the trigger.

Is Fukushima Radiation Causing the Epidemic of Dead and Starving Sea Lions In California? When you are at the top of the food chain everything gets concentrated so it wouldn’t be too surprising.
Yes, the Chinese are the Borg. And yes, they are spying on you  Based on recent personal experience, internet communication is being disrupted a lot more this year than last too.
Tornadoes Here, Tornadoes There, Tornadoes Everywhere?  Has an interesting map which also demonstrates tornadoes don’t like mountains. Something I need to remember the next time I have a nightmare about tornadoes.
Are B-Cells to Blame for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?  Intriguing, though small, studies hint that they are. It could also explain why my chronic fatigue went away as my kidneys failed. Still, the treatment they used is nothing to be trifled with.
The evolutionary consequences of infidelity: Can extra-pair relationships give rise to sexual dimorphism?  As usual any study on sexual selection is almost guaranteed to get linked here.
“Betray Your Bank Before Your Bank Betrays You”  After the last 5 years I’m amazed anyone still needs to be told this, but the lack of fleeing depositors says they do.
Jim Chanos on the Cycle of Frauds Excellent interview on a pervasive problem.