Pseudo Random News and Comment

This naturally has to be the lead off today: Penis size does matter to women, researchers say in PNAS study   This doesn’t necessarily mean women are lying when they say it doesn’t matter. All that’s required is an unconscious preference driven by increased reproductive success of the resulting horse-dicked sons, not [necessarily] anything to do with conscious preferences or pleasure derived – especially since they found no upper size bound in the study. A physical indicator of ejaculate volume would work the same way, with perhaps even stronger selection pressures, but I can’t think of an obvious physical attribute for that.

Bigger Not Always Better for Penis Size A more measured view of the study, though the headline is misleading since bigger was always better, but with rapidly diminishing returns The additional metabolic cost has to become a factor at some point too.

The art of recruiting a software developer A lot of companies need to pay attention to the “micro-positions” disease, which is the reason I never got into the field.

Your Least Engaged Employees Might Be Your Top Performers  The less talented make a lot of commotion about everything they do because they’re always at the point of drowning.

Document Accidentally Filed Publicly Reveals Google Fighting Back Against Government  Maybe the no evil slogan isn’t just BS.

Why is Eric Sprott Selling PSLV Shares Fast and Furiously?  Good question.

Dead animals keep turning up in China under mysterious circumstances  Disease and pollution are obvious causes of death, but the best guess about the choice of disposal method would be it’s cheaper to dump them in a river than dispose of them properly, if it’s even possible to do it properly in some areas. I’m a bit surprised they wasted the plastic bags in the one case.

Should the Modern Man Be Taking Testosterone?  If you make the drugs it’s a resounding yes, but there’s not yet much science to go by.

Blood Cells Are Attracted to Good Food Smells  I thought a brain was needed for that sort of smarts.


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