Pseudo Random News and Comment

What will the neighbors think? Tinshed / Raffaello Rosselli

Kidneys grown in lab become functional in rats Still a long way to go but it’s progress.

Dr Michele Ferrari is using his free time to take on Osymetric Chainrings. If you ask me the trials have suspiciously low variability. However, the results do match my experience, and not allowing for muscular adaptation should give the most favorable results.

Circumcision alters penis bacteria  Refining the improved hygiene theory for reduced risk of HIV

FDA Lets Drugs Approved on Fraudulent Research Stay on the Market  Money talks everywhere in the halls of power.

New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage  Continuing to make their bid for most civilized English-speaking country. Probably because they’re small enough everyone still knows where the politicians live.

“Markets Are Debates Between People Who Are Speaking With Money”  Great way of looking at it. These days I just don’t care to get involved in very many debates.

Tacrolimus Inhibits the Revascularization of Isolated Pancreatic Islets  Another reason to pat myself on the back.

The ‘learning curve’ of living with Asperger’s  The difficulties of learning to fake it through every social interaction.

Does Brain Training Work?  A resounding kinda, sorta, maybe. Plasticity certainly argues that benefits should be possible but, like every other form of physical training, specificity trumps all, and what brain training exercise can truly be specific to broad, general intelligence?

Super-volcanoes in the Ancient World  If you are running short of disasters to worry about, this is a great one.


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