Pseudo Random News and Comment

Four Basic Traits of Successful Investors I think #5 should be they’re boring.

Porn, rape, and a ‘natural experiment’  Read ’em and weep anti-porn zealots. Leaves unaddressed what Dad’s sock drawer is doing to stay relevant when free porn is readily available elsewhere.

How to spot liars in official interviews Police interviews that is. When interviewing actual officials the old fallback of “when their lips are moving” is far more accurate than the 68% this increased cognitive load method identified.

Money Buys Happiness and You Can Never Have Too Much, New Research Says  Really the study highlights the difficulties of studying happiness, since this is measuring satisfaction rather than happiness. It’s possible to be quite satisfied with how things have turned out but not happy. I think generally satisfaction is based more on objective measures of outcomes. Happiness really doesn’t care…

Meet Mr. Money Mustache, the man who retired at 30 (via Crossingwallstreet) Naturally, I’m 9 for 9 on his tips.

Does Working From Home Work? As I’ve long suspected, if you read between the lines it’s better for the employer than the employee. Anyone have that Yahoo’s email?

Study Finds Women Most Aroused By Men With Intermediate Level of Beardedness. Most disturbing – because I didn’t find it first. This explains my unconscious avoidance of shaving more than once a week.

But I think this one tops the last one: Antibiotic Protects Men from Being Too Trusting of Attractive Women  A new meaning to “using protection.”  Normally used to treat acne, this means they made themselves more attractive to the attractive women but then didn’t trust them. Life can be so cruel.

Sperm cell release can be triggered by tightening the grip around the delivery organ  Pretty much says it all.

Why Still So Few Use Condoms. Because they suck. But Bill Gates is going to lend a hand.

Baby knows best: Fetuses emit hormone crucial to preventing preeclampsia  So manipulative they can’t even wait until they’re born to start working you.

Are Doctors Diagnosing Too Many Kids with ADHD?  “Data suggest, however, that a bright dividing line does not exist.” Exactly, any cutoff imposed on the distribution is arbitrary, and imposes drastic changes in how everyone will treat them.

Seven simple lifestyle steps may decrease risk of blood clots  Boils down to taking good care of yourself, which doesn’t make it easier.

Wall Street Is A Rentier Rip-Off: Index Funds Beat 99.6% Of Managers Over Ten Years  Even worse than I thought.


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