Pseudo Random News and Comment

You may have noticed many of the links are now on Twitter. I’m not thrilled with the change but with the demise of Google Reader it’s easier to put most of the short comment links there.

Transplant experts challenge assumption, describe pathway that leads to organ rejection  It’s about time. It’s been pretty obvious something is missing from current treatments, and what do you know? It’s those damn dendritic cells again.

Predicting risky sexual behavior Scripts get the blame in large part. Makes sense. Everyone knows you go wild in college, as well as drink and do drugs, so it’s no surprise it’s rampant there.

Overspending Has Become a Modern Form of Mating Deception’ The modern potlatch, signaling what you really don’t have and are then committed to trying to maintain. Not high odds of long-term success.

The Killer Robot War Is Coming   Coming up with legal restraints. I’m not sure that property rights aren’t the right approach, as long as they’re strictly enforced – which they rarely are. But if one set of laws can’t be adequately enforced there’s no reason to assume another set will fare any better, particularly when they are aimed at the law enforcers.

Is Google a rat? The curious timing of the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange shutdown and the Gmailing money announcement has me wondering. There’s no way in hell the bank ratted on itself since they have a long history of laundering billions for drug dealers and others. There’s also the question of why ICE is handling FINCEN in the first place, but mission expansion and empire building always seem to be job #1 at homeland security.


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