Pseudo Random News and Comment

After a year in which I broke a collarbone, four ribs, one finger, and separated a shoulder, I quite naturally found myself pondering bone density. The modern Rx for is vitamin D, calcium, and drugs with some serious side effects. Our long ago pre-herdsman ancestors had sunlight and vitamin D in abundance, no pharmaceutical industry to speak of, and once mom administered the final slap off her tit at around age 4, no calcium from dairy products. How did their bones manage?

Exercise is an obvious answer supported by a number of studies. This one is interesting for its more global view.  Hunter-gatherer past shows our fragile bones result from inactivity since invention of farming. Dietary changes may have had an impact as well. Potassium salts aid bone health, limit osteoporosis risk. Limiting the excretion of calcium and abundant in fruits and vegetables. Dammit, not again!

Interesting biotech developmentTattoo-like sensor can detect glucose levels without painful finger prick. An even better use would be in closed-loop insulin pump systems which currently require needles for both glucose testing and insulin delivery (and are still way too bulky and hackable).

Switzerland drops their peg to the Euro. A single tiny country stops doing something stupid and people freak out. That seems a bit too much like the reaction to a critique of an Emperor’s new clothes to be a healthy sign.


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