Pseudo Random News and Comment

Gene therapy-associated cancer incidence depends on vector design Engineered rodents are used as models for all sorts of diseases so I have to wonder how much research has been biased by similarly flawed assumptions.

Cleaning out a few from the saved folder…

How wars can affect long-term returns. Don’t assume some lucky history is representative of the future.

Why I Want My Kids to Grow Up Puking Mr Bolt looks like he’s sticking his finger down his throat to me, but the point of the piece is good.

4 things vaguely related to Temporal Spatial Arbitrage:

Homophobic Arbitrage One of my favorite posts in a long time. Looking for unusual angles is key to achieving your goals with the least fuss.

There is an old joke about collateral in A Dozen Things I’ve Learned From Comedians About the Business of Life that also captures that spirit.

Personal anecdote #1: In college I got student loans I didn’t need. Why? Because the subsidized rate was 9% and money market funds were paying mid double digits at the time. Finally paid them off years later when rates converged.

Personal anecdote #2: Later did a similar trick when credit cards were foolish enough to mail out convenience checks with no restrictions. Wrote a check for the limit, put it in a money market fund, then paid it off by charging on another card, repeating monthly. It was essentially legal check kiting. Unfortunately they eventually realized providing interest free margin loans wasn’t a good idea and killed the game with a bunch of restrictions, but I got free use of their money for a couple of years. Moral: Reading the fine print is always good policy.

Don’t ignore the fact that even these funky sorts of trades require just as much discipline as the more traditional ones.


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