Pseudo Random News and Comment

Life Extension May Add Just Bad Time. Another blow to immortality.

But we may get by with a little help from our friends enemies: Ancient Viruses Gain New Functions in the Brain. All viruses are slackers, using the host’s machinery to replicate and assist transmission, but these have succeeded in getting the host to do absolutely everything for them (like some teenagers). But there’s no free lunch in nature, so without providing some benefit to the host, they risk being edited out. That may open the door to virus induced longevity.

Is There a Moral Way to Fix America’s Kidney Shortage? Either your body is your own to do with as you wish, or it isn’t and you’re someone else’s slave. I think the former is more moral than the latter. Any transaction opens the door to exploitation – look at all the poor people with iPhones – so if that justifies overruling individual choices there’s no reason to confine that slave owner paternalism to organ selling. Besides, if people are worried about the pernicious effects of money on decision-making they might want to look at how hospitals getting paid for harvesting organs alters their view of brain death.

Early human ancestors used their hands like modern humans. I was sure this would be about masturbation.


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