Pseudo Random News and Comment

Simple Pictures That State-of-the-Art AI Still Can’t Recognize. A case of anthropocentric bias. All algorithms have problems in some situations whether they are running between your ears or on a chip. Though AI is making more fine-grained errors in most of the examples, humans frequently see patterns where none exist (whether deities on a piece of toast or you name it in a stock chart), and misidentify things with appalling regularity and equally appalling certainty….but we still think we failed the test more smarter than they done.

 Power psychs people up about… themselves. I’ve always thought that psychopaths self-selected for politics, but this could imply a reinforcing process where politicians are increasingly lost in their own world and the lives of others rapidly dwindle to zero value. Most likely it’s both. All the more reason to avoid them to the greatest extent possible.

Your college major is a pretty good indication of how smart you are. This could easily be nothing but survivorship bias, though the results are hardly a surprise. At any rate, I think the easiest way to fix the low education ranking is to eliminate classes like “Math for Elementary School Teachers” and make them pass actual math and science classes. As long as it remains the easiest major it will attract the dumbest students. While we’re at it, Government/Public Administration should be made the easiest major by a wide margin. Evil morons are far easier to deal with than evil geniuses.


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