Pseudo Random News and Comment

Obama’s 10 new taxes. In the search for loot a surprising number may make it through Congress, but the interesting thing to me was this: ” It would bar contributions to tax-preferred accounts once balances reach about $3.4 million, which the administration says is enough to provide $210,000 in annual income.” Yup, over 6% annual income. I can only assume they include discounted future lobbying income to get that number because even basket case governments are paying under 2% and dividend yields are similarly atrophied.

Obama’s MyRA Savings Plan: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing? It might sound like it couldn’t happen in the US of A, but it’s already been done in other countries. Never forget, you owe them for doing you a favor in allowing you to avoid taxes, and sooner or later that favor will come due. The Roth IRA was created to bring tax revenue from the future to the present. Well, it’s now the future and they’re a bit short, so those favors are going to start getting called in soon.

Teaching Children with Autism to Read for Meaning: Challenges and Possibilities. Some usable information on the subject for once. Hopefully beneficial for more general deficits in inductive reasoning too.

Crony Capitalism and the Oracle of Omaha. Another one loses their religion. Unfortunately, once you reach a certain size in the modern managed market, you’re either a crony or you’re a casualty (Silicon Valley hasn’t funneled millions into lobbying because they wanted to). Fortunately for his shareholders, Buffett slid into the crony role as smooth as silk and used it to great advantage. Isn’t that why you invest in Berkshire instead of a socially conscious fund?

Who Said: “If Rates Go Negative The Treasury Will Print A Lot More Currency” Some tips for dealing with negative interest rates. Once in a blue moon ZH still has something I’ll save for future reference.

Attenuated Monocyte Apoptosis, a New Mechanism for Osteoporosis Suggested by a Transcriptome-Wide Expression Study of Monocytes. Rather than simply being a janitorial crew circulating in a building, the immune system is looking more and more integral in all aspects of maintenance and repair. Makes me curious about the role of innate immunity in fetal development…


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