Pseudo Random News and Comment

‘Smart’ insulin may ease burden of type 1 diabetes patients, research suggests. Since some studies show long acting insulin may cause cancer I wouldn’t be surprised if this does too, but it’s a far simpler, more fault tolerant, and just plain more elegant solution than the closed loop pump/artificial pancreas.

Tolerant Kidney Transplant Patients Produce B Cells with Regulatory Properties. T cells aren’t  everything.

Robot Scientist Discovers Potential Malaria Drug. Amusing Luddite quote from one scientist near the end. While the incentives for the approach used by Eve are understandable, the focus on expediency is bound to miss some promising candidates. Just like humans.

Human Traffickers Caught on Hidden Internet. It’s great that at least some of the scumbags are in jail, but this story is a load of ******* straight from the *******. The case was made by the *******, not *******. It makes a convenient justification for expanding *******, while the blind spot over some ******* allies being the biggest ******* of ******* remains intact.

[I had to censor myself, so any thought crimes are yours, not mine.]


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