Pseudo Random News and Comment

Will your partner stay or stray? Look at finger length. Reading between the lines the unfortunate ramification is that if they are less likely to stray and have sex with others, they’re also less likely to have sex with you. Pick your poison.

Choosing a cell phone, prescription drug plan or new car? Read this first. Improving results when faced with a large number of choices. Trouble is the most effective method was the one least preferred by those tested.

Caution concerning the possible health benefits of alcohol: Beneficial only for women over 65? And maybe not much for them either. Genetic testing should clarify things further since it’s likely only some are genetically equipped to better cope with the relatively recent invention of alcohol. It’s toxic at any level, so the question is whether for some groups the benefits objectively outweigh those costs. Subjective benefit is another story.

Make like a squid and transform: Squid can recode their genetic make-up on-the-fly to adjust to their surroundings. Cool ability. Maybe Spider Man should have been Squid Man instead.

Unwanted impact of antibiotics broader, more complex than previously known. It just keeps getting worse, without even considering resistance.

Brian Williams told a tale – but it could be how he really remembers what happened. That all his memories are self-serving doesn’t alter that either. Fact check your own and you may be surprised.


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