Pseudo Random News and Comment

I remember reading this when it came out but it seems far more relevant today. DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show. Though when you can be disappeared without trial or conviction who really needs to bother with creating evidence? Cut government waste and just skip that step.

Move over Mozart: Study shows cats prefer their own beat. Don’t bother playing your music for your pets. Like your parents, they just think it’s noise.

Landmark medical marijuana bill introduced in US Congress. Whether this goes anywhere or not, the outcome is already decided. Once Colorado raked in 10x as much from legalization as they projected the game was over. No state is going to let that windfall slip through their fingers very long.

Warning: the truth behind handshake-sniffing may bum you out. This continues to baffle me. Not because of the information that can be derived, but that anyone would actually do it. I guess I’m too concerned about infection control to ever put that shaken hand near my face, or maybe it’s that I’ve been too observant of the failings of male bathroom hygiene.

Men’s heart disease risk linked to high testosterone and low estrogen. My long time theory that a lifetime bathed in testosterone was an obvious candidate for lifespan differences gets a boost.


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