Pseudo Random News and Comment

We know where you’ve been: Ars acquires 4.6M license plate scans from the cops. Hey Kids! Great science fair project: Take this data, find all higher level officials, police, etc., and search for locations frequently visited other than work, home, grocery stores, etc. Then you can publish which of these hypocrites is probably having an affair. Private access to the data will quickly be banned so in the end it won’t accomplish much, but will be great entertainment while it lasts.

 Mycophenolic Acid-Mediated Suppression of Human CD4+ T Cells: More Than Mere Guanine Nucleotide Deprivation. I need to go through this again, but I think it’s somewhat positive for my latest medical experiment. On the other hand it’s also further support for MMF screwing you up every way from Sunday, so any success in feeling better is likely to be either quite limited, or end up offsetting immunosuppression.


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