Pseudo Random News and Comment

The downward spiral: Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn. Drug them so they no longer squirm and they no longer learn. Label them slow and another school career flushed down the drain. Brilliant way to create wards of the state.

If Virginia Elections Weren’t Hacked, It’s Only Because No One Tried. Even for the government, this is so jaw-droppingly lame it almost makes one think it’s intentional.

Only high exercise levels tied to better erectile, sexual function. “High” meaning roughly 2.5 hours of jogging per week from what I can tell. For a typical sedentary individual this is roughly equivalent to a buttload.

Chrome is really starting to suck.


Pseudo Random News and Comment

ISP pulls VPN service after geo-unblocking legal threats. I need to remember this principle: If you overpay for exclusive rights that you know going in are not enforceable due to commonly available technology, sue a third-party to recover your “loss.” It shouldn’t be too hard to extend this to the stock market, where decisions by other people always alter the value of your investment.

Apparently, it’s helpful to look at more than audited financial statements when selecting a spouse. Mortality and blood pressure directly linked to relationship quality.