Pseudo Random News and Comment

The downward spiral: Kids with ADHD must squirm to learn. Drug them so they no longer squirm and they no longer learn. Label them slow and another school career flushed down the drain. Brilliant way to create wards of the state.

If Virginia Elections Weren’t Hacked, It’s Only Because No One Tried. Even for the government, this is so jaw-droppingly lame it almost makes one think it’s intentional.

Only high exercise levels tied to better erectile, sexual function. “High” meaning roughly 2.5 hours of jogging per week from what I can tell. For a typical sedentary individual this is roughly equivalent to a buttload.

Chrome is really starting to suck.


Pseudo Random News and Comment

ISP pulls VPN service after geo-unblocking legal threats. I need to remember this principle: If you overpay for exclusive rights that you know going in are not enforceable due to commonly available technology, sue a third-party to recover your “loss.” It shouldn’t be too hard to extend this to the stock market, where decisions by other people always alter the value of your investment.

Apparently, it’s helpful to look at more than audited financial statements when selecting a spouse. Mortality and blood pressure directly linked to relationship quality.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

We know where you’ve been: Ars acquires 4.6M license plate scans from the cops. Hey Kids! Great science fair project: Take this data, find all higher level officials, police, etc., and search for locations frequently visited other than work, home, grocery stores, etc. Then you can publish which of these hypocrites is probably having an affair. Private access to the data will quickly be banned so in the end it won’t accomplish much, but will be great entertainment while it lasts.

 Mycophenolic Acid-Mediated Suppression of Human CD4+ T Cells: More Than Mere Guanine Nucleotide Deprivation. I need to go through this again, but I think it’s somewhat positive for my latest medical experiment. On the other hand it’s also further support for MMF screwing you up every way from Sunday, so any success in feeling better is likely to be either quite limited, or end up offsetting immunosuppression.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Your Home by Mail: The Rise and Fall of Catalogue Housing. One of the house remodeling jobs I did in high school with my father was a Sears Roebuck and Co. house – which I discovered because it was printed on the rafters. What was really memorable was that the 2×4’s were actually 2″x4″, which I’d never seen or even imagined before. Since that time everything in the grocery store shrank too.

Athletes and AF: Connecting the Lifestyle Dots. May have to register to read this but if you’re an exercise addict you really should. Will it change my exercise habits? Probably not since I can’t do that much now anyway, but if I could I have to admit it probably wouldn’t (too much). Do as I say, not as I do.

Who Does the Autopsy? The security dangers of implantable devices have been covered many times, but this brings up the difficult forensics job of deciphering the mixed wet and hardware wreckage.

Human Genome’s Spirals, Loops and Globules Come into 4-D View. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Fascinating stuff.

It’s almost time for another, hopefully briefer, hiatus.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

I remember reading this when it came out but it seems far more relevant today. DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show. Though when you can be disappeared without trial or conviction who really needs to bother with creating evidence? Cut government waste and just skip that step.

Move over Mozart: Study shows cats prefer their own beat. Don’t bother playing your music for your pets. Like your parents, they just think it’s noise.

Landmark medical marijuana bill introduced in US Congress. Whether this goes anywhere or not, the outcome is already decided. Once Colorado raked in 10x as much from legalization as they projected the game was over. No state is going to let that windfall slip through their fingers very long.

Warning: the truth behind handshake-sniffing may bum you out. This continues to baffle me. Not because of the information that can be derived, but that anyone would actually do it. I guess I’m too concerned about infection control to ever put that shaken hand near my face, or maybe it’s that I’ve been too observant of the failings of male bathroom hygiene.

Men’s heart disease risk linked to high testosterone and low estrogen. My long time theory that a lifetime bathed in testosterone was an obvious candidate for lifespan differences gets a boost.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

It’s often not at all clear that our fellow humans are perceiving things the way we do, but here’s some proof a fish can see the same optical illusion. An Optical Illusion As Seen By a Fish.

Breakthrough to take the pain out of catheters. Another breakthrough long after I needed it. The day started out well enough when that cute little urologist took my penis in her hand on my first time, but then when my entire body levitated off the table and broke into a full body sweat before landing, the thrill was most assuredly gone.

Penis déjà vu. Now with graphs and full text. Incidentally, the sight of an oncoming catheter will put most men squarely on the left side of the graph.

How Hillary Clinton Exposed Her Emails To Foreign Spies… In Order To Hide Them From The American Public. I told you they’re more afraid of the citizens than other governments. I just didn’t expect it to be proven so quickly after I published the post.

Women Hurt More Than Men, Due to Both Biology and Bias. The interaction between your perception of pain and others’ perception of your perception of pain.